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New Syle, New Setting

I was recently brainstorming for new ideas for my blog and I just couldn’t find an idea that would not only allow me to post regularly but also provide good content for my readers. 

After weeks of contemplation, I was still unable to find a good idea. 

Today, I was going through my LinkedIn and as I usually do, I was looking for an article to read. While I was going through the article, out of habit, I started reflecting on several of the arguments made by the writers. While I was doing this, I realized that not only is this something that I do quite frequently but I very much enjoy doing so. 

Ever since I started this blog, I wanted it to be a platform where I could share my opinions with others and also, learn from others through their valuable feedback. 

And that is why I have decided to start a new series where I will be reviewing articles from various credible sources and provide my own two cents. This way I will not only be able to enjoy my sweet time of reading and writing (& not be overwhelmed) but also, be able to share quality content (from great writers) with you. 

This is an additional series but I would not be discontinuing the type of content that I’ve been posting so far. You will still be able to find law-related content on a regular basis. 

I hope you will enjoy this upcoming series. 

Note: This article is written in American English.

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