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The Benefits of the Jobs Section on LinkedIn

I have been using LinkedIn for the last couple of years and I have come across the numerous benefits the platform has to offer for the upcoming graduates and professionals. The reason for joining the online social networking platform was simple and straightforward, networking with professionals in the same field as mine. You see, it is quite important to communicate with people who have faced similar struggles or obstacles and learning from their experiences. There are several benefits of LinkedIn, however, in this article, I will be focusing on the benefits of the “Jobs” section on LinkedIn.

I recently came across a YouTube video of a woman who was able to land a job opportunity through the “Jobs” section on LinkedIn. I was amazed by how an Indian woman working in an Indian IT company was able to land a job in an IT company in South Korea. The jobs section on LinkedIn has provided us with a tool that links us to the opportunities the world has to offer, it’s as if there are no boundaries but limitless options for the new generations.

If you’re looking for job opportunities then here some of the tried & tested steps that helped me land numerous different opportunities:

  • The first step is to fill in the details. For example, you can see here I searched for different job positions in the City of London, UK. Similarly, you can fill in the type of position/job title you’re looking for and the place of your choice.
  • The second step is to browse through the different options and choose the one that best fits your requirement. One thing I liked to do when browsing through the different options was to save the jobs I liked. After I was done browsing I went through my SAVED list and then visited the website of each and every company in order to see if I am the perfect fit for the company or not. This is one of the most important steps as you do not want to blindly apply for a position that does not fit your or the organization’s requirements. In toto, it’s a waste of time. So, keep in mind to do thorough research.
  • If you would like a much more personalized list of options then you can also add filters.
Filters Section is at the Top of the Page

Finding the right job is necessary for a variety of reasons. I have come across numerous people who are working non-stop, however, they are not getting reasonably remunerated. This effects their overall mental and psychical health, thus, make sure to do proper research before choosing a job. There are limitless options, you just have to look at the right place.

Ali Abdaal, famous for his productivity videos on YouTube explained in one of his videos the importance of “increasing the surface area of opportunities getting hit”. He elaborated by stating that one must interact with different and diverse groups of people in order to expand his chances of getting hit by an opportunity. This is your must step, expanding your surface area. You must not be afraid of taking risks. You would never know if it was the right or wrong thing for you until and unless you give it a try.

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