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Beirut Explosion

The recent and shocking explosion in Beirut caused billions in damages and left thousands of people injured. The explosion is reported to be caused by 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate that was kept in a warehouse for approximately six years with constant warnings to get it removed.

With the city in a state of chaos, authorities are trying to take control of the situation, however, the damage caused is devastating, hospitals, firefighters, police personnel, and other authorities are working together to ensure that as many lives as possible can be saved. Thousands of injuries have been reported and hopes are that things will get better soon.

This is yet another example of carelessness and lack of responsibility. There have been numerous examples of similar “accidents” seen so far and still, the sheer lack of accountability and obligation is shameful. Nonetheless, we as civilians can only hope that our governments would take accountability of their actions and ensure that due diligence is followed in all state-benefit related activities.

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