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Major Outcry Emerge as News Broke About Afganistan Taken Over by Taliban

South Asia: The recent news of the Taliban taking over Afganistan has not only shocked the world but also caused a number of worries especially for the civilians that are desperate for an escape.

On Sunday, the long-running conflict in Afghanistan reached a turning point when Taliban insurgents closed in on Kabul before entering the capital and seizing the presidential palace, forcing embattled President Ashraf Ghani to escape the nation with his fellow Afghans and foreigners.

Following the overnight collapse of the two last cities of Mazar-e-Sharif and Jalalabad, Taliban fighters began advancing towards Kabul.

The current situation in Afganistan is “utterly bizarre” as stated by a CNN reporter and there is no definite answer to what is going to happen the next moment.

Right now, a majority of the people are trying to escape this situation and run from this impending doom that is looming above the country.

Look at this clip that was shared by the Al Jazeera website showing the horrendous outcome of the Taliban siege.

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