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TN Government Announced Rules Protecting Students Against Sexual Abuse

Chennai: According to the administration, the rules will apply to all types of institutions in Tamil Nadu.

On Monday, the Tamil Nadu government established rules for schools, including an advisory group and a safety assessment, to ensure that children are protected from sexual abuse and a protocol for conducting online classes.

The government stated the rules would apply to all sorts of schools in Tamil Nadu after many accusations led to the arrests of a CBSE school teacher, an international school founder, an athletics coach, and a martial arts instructor on sexual harassment charges.

Virtual classes should have a dress code that is appropriate for classroom settings for both faculty and students. All online classes should be documented, and SSAC should conduct a random audit on a regular basis.

What is the SSAC? Every school should constitute a “Student Safeguarding Advisory Committee” (SSAC) and the School Education Department would set up a state-level Central Complaint Centre (CCC) for guidance.

When the SSAC receives a complaint, it must promptly notify the CCC, and complainants will be guided by members of a trained interdisciplinary team recruited from several professions. Every conversation between CCC and callers will be recorded and kept completely private.

Also, the School Education Department must establish a standard safety self-audit instrument, and all school administrations will be required to follow the audit criteria on an annual basis.

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