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The Hungarian Parliament has Passed an Anti-LGBT Law Causing A Major Uproar.

World: With the 2022 election right around the corner, Hungary’s parliament on Tuesday passed the legislation that prohibits the distribution of content in schools that is believed to “promote” homosexuality and gender transition.

The move has caused major uproar amongst the public and human rights groups and opposition parties have not shied away from criticizing the move.

In his self-styled illiberal dictatorship, hardline nationalist Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who faces an election next year, has grown increasingly radical on social policy, raging against LGBT people and immigration in a way that has deeply divided Hungarians.

According to the law, gay marriage is not legal, and only heterosexual couples can legally adopt children. Moreover, in the constitution, Orban’s government defined marriage as a partnership between one man and one woman, and gay adoption was restricted.

Since 2010, Orban has won three electoral landslides in a row, but opposition parties have banded together for the first time, catching up to Fidesz in opinion polls.

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