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India Attended Myanmar’s Military Parade, Shocking the Pro-Democracies

Asia: On the 27th of March, a number of nations including India, Russia, China, Pakistan, etc were invited to attend the Myanmar Armed Forces Day.

However, amidst everything that is going on in Myanmar especially the full Military control of the Myanmar army over the nation and the arrest of the State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi plus other elected individuals, not many could’ve anticipated, India attending the parade coup.

This move of the Indian government shocked many pro-democracies because after all, India is one of the largest democracies in the world. In addition, other nations that attended the event were somewhat expected to do so, however, India out of the batch was the only one that could be considered truly democratic.

So, why did India attend the event?

Well, to be honest, as of now, no one knows because India is yet to release a statement on the same.

The statement is much needed because of the severity of the situation, considering the fact that on the day of the Military parade, approximately 90 civilians were killed. This day is definitely one of the most bloodiest days of the protests.

The situation in Myanmar is getting worse by the day and we can only hope that history does not repeat itself because whenever there was a similar situation in the past, things quickly went out of hand. In the end, the biggest price was paid by civilians.

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