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Oregan Fires: Dozens Missing, Thousands of Oregonians Evacuated, & Thousands of Others Preparing To do The Same.

Oregon: Fires that have led to the burning of approximately five million acres of land, dozens of Oregonians are still missing, thousands of them have been evacuated, and thousands of others have been stated to get prepared. Officials have stated that “they are preparing for a mass fatality event” and how thousands of structures have been destructed because of this fateful event.

Firefighters are continually fighting against the blazes that have exponentially increased and spread to the most populated area of Oregon and including the suburbs of Portland. According to reports, it has been stated that dozens of people are missing in the South of Jackson County and Marion County that have been heavily affected by the increasing fires. Apart from firefighters, other authorities are also constantly taking initiatives in order to secure the people affected by the fires.

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