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Is Pakistan Trying to Convince the UN to Add Indian names to the UN Terror List?

The Prime Minister of Pakistan is now trying to persuade the UN to add Indian names to its list of terror. The Pakistani PM is convinced that there is “Hindu terror” and is now trying to convince this to the UN. So far, they have failed in proving this due to a lack of evidence.

It appears to be yet another foul political propaganda move by the Pakistan government. Although the move had no significant impact on the UN, the Pakistan government seems hellbent to get the UN to add Indians to its terror list. The Council has already rejected its request stating that there is no concrete evidence to support its claims. Nonetheless, the Pakistan government is still trying to “convince” the UNSC.

Countries such as the USA, France, UK, France, Germany, and Belgium had blocked the recent Pakistani claim of adding five Indians to the UN terror list as there was no substantive proof.

The Pakistani government has been trying to convince the world of “Hindu terror”, however, it is constantly failing in providing any proof to support its claims. This can just be seen as another of their “stupid” political tactics that have no reasonable justification, everything just being bogus.

We can just hope that the Pakistani government can stop with their political propagandas and start working on improving and developing its country.

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